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When planning for a wedding, it always seems like there are a million things to do. The reality is, that there are a million little things to prepare. Wedding reception location, wedding rings, bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen suits, wedding car, menus, wedding band and the the big, white dress. Oh, and then there is the wedding photographer. That then opens up another can of worms. There are a plethora of wedding photographers in Melbourne (where we are based) and it can be hard to pick the right one. You need to ask some important questions...

  • Do they have multiple options available? Sometimes you need full coverage for your perfectly planned day or sometimes you need reduced coverage for simple wedding photography.
  • Do they organise printing or do they just give you the files? Better photography studios will have options to provide both digital files and provide high quality prints. More established photographers will have industry links that will be able to provide high quality prints.
  • Do they have a folio? In an age where anyone can get an SLR camera and start a Facebook page, good wedding photographers will have a folio of wedding photos that will show the quality that the photographer's experience can produce.
  • What is the photographer's personality? Good photographers will have a pre-wedding consultation and you need to pay attention to their personality. You need a photographer that is friendly and isn't going to drive you crazy, but at the same time you need someone who can give orders to the hoard of family members who will line up in countless photos.
  • Do they have industry links? Established wedding photographers will know people in the industry. Most pop-up photographers don't know anyone or have had formal training. There is nothing wrong asking about a photographer's credentials during a consultation. Good wedding photographers will know photo booth operators (like us), cake decorators, gown shops, shoot locations and will be able to talk shop with the bride.

After all of this, I would recommend that you look through a lot of wedding photographers and talk to them. This isn't an exhaustive list when looking for good photographers, but it's a start. I would recommend that you have a look at our new photography partners, Natasha Kathlene Photography at www.natashakathlene.com.au. They will be able to give you some great advice in choosing a wedding photographer in Melbourne and offer you a great wedding package.

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Getting Them Perfect

Something which all of our photographers see at every single event are people who can't decide what to do in their photos! Most of the booths we do have either three or four photos that are taken so it's important to take some steps to take the perfect photos.

1. Think about what you want

best shots

Do you want something funny or sexy? Are you looking for that new Facebook display pic? Or are you taking some nice couple or family shots? Once you know the feel of your photos, it makes the rest so much easier.

2. Get everyone on the same page

We see it time and time again, three people doing the same thing and then number four with a dorky smile. While they do make great photos, it pays to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

3. Try a few different poses

With three or four shots per print, make sure you make the most of it! Come up with different poses for each shot and try a few things that you wouldn't normally do. Photo booth shots can be some of the funniest and memorable shots.

4. Have fun!

Lastly, have fun!! Our booths are always at the best parties and events, so make sure that it shows! The best display pics and funniest shots always come from having fun!

Most event hosts will have their photos available online on our or their Facebook pages after the event for you to share as you please. Getting the best shots can ensure that there will be a smile on your face when you look back on the fun you had.



Customisation and Themes

We all know that when a party goes down, there's fun to be had. And a photo booth can help capture those fun moments. Here at Booth PIX, we always try and make a photo booth to match your theme and specifications. 

The first place of customisation is your background. It can make a big difference to the photos. Having a bright background that fits in with the colour scheme adds to the atmosphere of the of the event, and generally will fit in with people costumes if it is a themed party. We also can have lace patterns for weddings, printed fabrics to fit in with a theme and even sparkly background look good with formal affairs.  

This leads to the content of your photos, you and your guests. Everyone puts in a lot of effort to dress us and make themselves look good for parties. Everyone has their own style and that shows in every shoot that I do. But adding props always adds an element that brings out different things in everyone. With every event where props are hired, you will be provided with "standard" photo booth props (moustaches and lips) but we go out and find props that fit in with your theme. Whether those props are hat, glasses or feather boas we always endeavour to find props that will fit in with your party.


After photos are taken, the photos are then printed onto strips (if required). The layout and design can be customised to your specification if you purchase the gold or platinum party packs. This means that you can have backgrounds, borders, corporate logos or just the date. It's really up to you when it comes to the design of the printouts.

So when you are planning a party, you can come to us and discuss your needs. We can find a plan and customise a booth to suit your needs. 



In my previous line of work, I was a product photographer. I was framing small components in places where they were used. My work was usually published in ads, catalogs and online stores. Being trained on the equipment and software is a must as that can really affect the quality of the output. Taking pictures of people, on the other hand, is a completely different thing and requires a different set of skills. Whether it's taking wedding photos, taking baby photos, even taking school portraits requires a different set of skills that require practice. Not only are skills important, but so is the equipment. Being able to rely on good equipment is essential and any professional photographer has their own set of equipment that they become quite proficient on. Learning how a photographer's equipment works takes time and skill, and although another professional can pick up another's camera, time needs to be taken to get accustomed to the equipment.

Let your guests create their own moments and stories. 

Let your guests create their own moments and stories. 

So why this talk about equipment and skill? Well part of getting the best shots is knowing your subjects well. Whether that is knowing the family you are taking portraits of or how the mechanical part you are photographing works, it all matters. So that's why we put you in charge of the content. We provide the equipment and skill on the technical side. We use Canon full-frame SLRs with high quality lenses, studio quality flashes and advanced image processing software with years of experience to set the stage. What's left is you.

We love to see people create stories in the photo booth. Seeing old friends who haven't seen each other in years take photos together, those awkward first few photos of a couple just starting out, older couples putting in funny faces for everyone else, or even proposals. Moments that aren't captured anywhere else can be captured in a photo booth. But the equipment needs to be good. I have seen other booths that use small, lower quality cameras, poor backdrops, and inadequate lighting that output sub-par photos. Rest be assured with Booth PIX you will not have that problem.

Years of experience sets the stage for you. Now it's up to you to create the memories.

Why We Do It

I decided to start Booth PIX because of one thing, to do something I love for a price that people can afford. Hiring a photo booth for your event can be expensive and sometimes it just can't be an option. I looked into this for myself and I decided to give it a go. I have extensive experience with photography in a professional arena and the equipment to match. It turned out to be a great success, so I did another event for a friend. As I thought about the idea more and started to investigate, I found that not too many places can offer professional grade photo booths for a reasonable price, or they always come bundled with extras. This is where I knew we could be different.

Thinking about a photo booth? We can tailor a solution to your budget.

Thinking about a photo booth? We can tailor a solution to your budget.

Although we do cater for those who want printers, props, etc... We also offer the basic hire of the booth with everything available online after the event.  That means for $250 you have someone there to monitor the equipment and assist as necessary, professional grade equipment and high quality photos available within a day of shooting. Those who are working to a tight budget can have the fun they want for a reasonable price, but those who want to pull all the stops out for a wedding or corporate event can do so as well. WIth 6 years experience with photography and equipment you wouldn't dream of being able to hire for the price, your function can have that bit of extra something to make it special.

Contact us today to discuss your needs.